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Living Off Rentals

Apr 27, 2022

Is it possible to create wealth without racking up extra hours of work? 

Turns out, it is possible!

In this episode of Living Off Rentals, Yonah Weiss joins me to discuss one of the best strategies for maximizing cash flow – cost segregation. 

He shares how his passion for education led him to the discovery of cost segregation, its benefits, its application, and how it can help real estate investors to gain more wealth without the need for doing or earning more. 

Tune in to this episode and learn how you can optimize your cash flow with any rental properties you have and more!

Key Takeaways: 

[02:00] Yonah shares a brief background about himself, his passion for education, and how he found himself in real estate investing. 

[04:35] He shares how he discovered the amazing impact of cost segregation and his aim of teaching real estate investors the benefits of its application. 

[06:00] Yonah attributed his knowledge to cost segregation experts and how this strategy is an underrated tax tool. 

[08:30] What is cost segregation?

[15:33] The basic application of cost segregation for rental properties 

[27:29] Understanding the impact of depreciation recapture tax.  

[29:38] Yonah’s personal take on the best type of rental properties to invest in. 

[31:48] Is cost segregation applicable for passive income on rental properties? 

[34:20] Everything you need to know before undergoing cost segregation on your rental properties 

[35:25] Yonah offers free analysis and how it can help you decide on cost segregation