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Living Off Rentals

May 11, 2022

Don’t make excuses. Make adjustments. 

Who would’ve thought that an island boy like Charles Rose would make it to the United States, finish his degree and achieve his dream of financial stability? Despite the challenges and lack of resources, he now lives a fulfilling life as an engineer while experiencing financial freedom from his rental properties. 

In this 1-hour long episode, I sit down drinking rum and coke with Charles Rose as I venture about his career as an engineer, his life in the Bahamas, how he nearly gave up, and his advice to those who want to dabble in rental properties despite working a 9-5. 


Key Takeaways: 

[04:00] Risking everything with a one-way airplane ticket to achieve his dreams of becoming a civil engineer. 

[06:25] Charles shares how he finished university without a debt to his name. 

[09:57] He discusses life after university, how he got started with real estate investing, and how coaching with Dustin Heiner steered him to the right path. 

[17:01] How he was able to finance properties and the application of the 70% rule. 

[21:45] Charles identified the deals he chose and how patience helped him through times when he felt like giving up. 

[31:55] What was his progression of deals look like?

[35:32] How he learned private cash investing, his pitch and how he pays it forward by teaching others this practice tip. 

[48:28] The value of choosing quality deals, how being patient helped, and the importance of his wife’s support to the ultimate dream. 

[53:50] What is the cash flow model?

[56:05] the exit plan 

[01:00:02] full time job - 14 properties. Don't make excuses, make adjustments


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