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Living Off Rentals

May 18, 2022

Learning is possible when you do it alone. But, if you want to equip yourself with wisdom, learning with a mentor is the way to go. 

In today’s episode of Living Off Rentals, I am thrilled to have Mark Wilton on the show. He has been a guest for this podcast, not only twice, but three times. The discussion will revolve around his case study, the learnings from his first deal, how he’s progressing now, and his plans for the future. 

Sit down, relax and enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

[03:45] He shares his transition from ClickInvest to full-time real estate investing.

[08:40] He elaborates on what areas he's targeting now and looks back on his experience when he closed his first deal.

[14:55] Getting into the details of the case study and its amazing results.

[21:30] How does the art of pricing short-term rentals affect feasibility and booking quality.

[27:35] What it’s like to get into business as a couple?

[31:48] He discusses the most significant differences between his first and second deal.

[36:59 Mark shares the biggest lesson he learned through the course of his deals. 

[42:07] His cash flow projection and future plans when it comes to short-term real estate investing. 

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