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Living Off Rentals

May 25, 2022

Real estate investing is identifying opportunities that align with your intentions. 

In this hour-long episode of Living Off Rentals, I am joined by Isaac Danon. He shares experiences, stories, and milestones on his journey toward building massive equity and a steady source of cash flow from vacation rentals. 

If you want to know how he was able to achieve all of these and learn a few nuggets of wisdom along the way, this episode is perfect for you! 

Tune in now. 

Key Takeaways:

[02:45] Isaac introduces himself and he shares how he ended up in real estate investing. 

[19:40] He emphasizes the importance of being grounded in intention and understanding the foundations of real estate investing to guarantee long-term success. 

[27:13] How does Isaac choose a location for vacation rentals? 

[32:42] Isaac's cash flow projection involving his AirBNB rental properties

[37:15] Is there a secret to choosing properties that will provide massive equity and long-term revenues to you? 

[50:57] Isaac shares how he was able to finance his AirBNB equity. 

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