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Living Off Rentals

Apr 28, 2021

Our guest is now running a seven-figure business with more than 600 clients and 101 employees by utilizing his core skills and knowledge he got from Microsoft. He is also helping other investors market their business to reach and convert off-market sellers and buyers for agents.

Our guest for today’s show is Gus Munoz...

Apr 21, 2021

Our guest for today’s show is Michael Hughes. He served in the military in El Paso, Texas, and is now at the point where his rental portfolio can now support him, and he is living off rentals.

In this episode, Michael will talk about his real estate investing journey and how he got to his destination successfully. He...

Apr 14, 2021

Our guest for today’s show is David Pere. David started the community, From Military To Millionaire. He is also a real estate investor, while serving in the military. He is also a family man with three kids.

In this episode, David shares some of the big financial mistakes that he made as a young soldier and how he...

Apr 7, 2021

Struggles or difficulties in life are push factors to make a person work harder to change their situation.  

Our guest for today’s show is Kyle Mack. As a kid, he always thought about going out with friends or having pizza but struggled to do it due to his financial situation. His struggles made him dream big to have...