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Living Off Rentals

Sep 29, 2021

Our guest is a hands-on Airbnb Superhost, a coach, and the host of a thriving Facebook community and a top-ranked podcast. 

Joining me on the podcast today is Evelyn Badia. She is the founder of The Hosting Journey, an online resource that includes The 5-star House Manual, The Language of Welcome, and The Travel Nurse...

Sep 22, 2021

Our guest is currently based in Omaha, Nebraska, and has invested in several markets since 2014.

We have Ben Klenk in today’s show. Once he discovered the FIRE movement and how financial freedom could be achieved through real estate, he put in the work, got himself out of debt, and gradually built his...

Sep 15, 2021

Joining me on the show is Mark Dolfini. In 2007, he had 92 rental properties that gave him about $65,000 a month. Now, he is known as the Landlord Coach, and he has authored 3 real estate books.

In this episode, Mark looks back on how he got into the real estate space, stressing the importance of time. He then dives...

Sep 8, 2021

Our guest is a location-independent digital nomad who lives and breathes Airbnbs. He sleeps exclusively in Airbnbs, he’s an Airbnb Superhost, he remotely manages Airbnb properties across the globe, and he helps Airbnb hosts become successful!

Joining me on the podcast today is Daniel Rusteen. Before starting his own...

Sep 1, 2021

Our guest has been active in real estate since 2003. He is an entrepreneur, a speaker, and a bestselling author who is passionate about raising capital for deals.

We have Dave Dubeau in today’s show. He has a background in marketing, and he lived in Costa Rica for over a decade—starting a language training center...