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Living Off Rentals

Nov 24, 2021

Our two guests for today have a ton of experience in the short-term rental space, and they are the hosts of The Guest Cast.

We have Andy McNulty and Tyann Marcink on the show. Andy is the co-founder and CEO of Touch Stay. Tyann, on the other hand, is an owner/investor/manager and Touch Stay’s community ambassador.

In this episode, they introduce Touch Stay—what it is and how it works. They weigh in on the absence of clear communication between travelers and rental accommodation hosts, how Touch Stay fills that gap and the opportunities in the vacation rental industry. Tyann also talks about one of her rentals which is considered a unique stay.

If you want to know how to maximize your guests’ experience at your short-term rental property, this episode is for you!

Key Takeaways

[02:05] An overview of Tyann’s real estate journey and how Andy came up with Touch Stay

[07:30] Touch Stay is a progressive web app that creates digital guest welcome books

[14:45] On the ROI that Touch Stay users get

[18:55] Who Touch Stay is designed for

[25:38] How Touch Stay can lead to repeat customers

[28:18] On the future of the vacation rental industry

[33:08] The responsibilities of owners, hosts, investors, and managers

[36:05] About Tyann’s bank-turned-vacation rental


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